Dec 152013

 Product Features

>> Challentec manufactures wind power inverters with different specifications, and they have shown an excellent performance in
its functions and handling ability.
>> Challentec’s wind power grid tie inverter could convertunstable fluctuating AC current from electronic generatorto AC current
with stable voltage and frequency, andthen input AC current into grid. At the same time, if the wind power controller outputs

DC current, the grid tie inverter could also accept converting DC current output. Challentec’s inverters contain an integrated
isolation transformer; therefore, it is possible to connect any quantity of inverters using parallel connection to make it work
appropriately with the wind turbine’s maximum power.




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Feb 172013

What VAT can an unregistered farmer reclaim?

WP_000366Farmers who are not registered for VAT may reclaim VAT paid by them in respect of the following items, provided such building, structure, land or qualifying equipment is for use in a farming business carried on by the farmer for a period of not less than one year from the date of payment:

• Construction, extension, alteration or reconstruction of a building or structure which is designed for use solely or mainly for the purposes of a farming business;

• Fencing, drainage or reclamation of land for use for the purpose of a farming business;

• Electricity micro-generators for farming purposes only, for purchases after January 1, 2012.

However, if the item refunded is sold or used for mainly non-farming purposes during the following year, the VAT refund must be repaid with

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Jan 032013

Aerocopter 450 Vertical Axis Wind TurbineIn Ireland, our turbine designed to meet the general exemptions under Statutory Instrument 83 of 2007 . To meet these exemptions, the turbine must be positioned behind the front wall of your house. The noise level must normally be less than 43 db(A) when measured from the nearest neighbouring dwelling (or 5 db above background). The Aerocopter 450 works at noise level below 37 db.

However, this exemption may not apply if the installation is deemed to interfere with the character of a landscape or a view of special amenity. If you think this may apply to your site, you should consult with your Local Authority to ensure that your area is suitable and is not designated as a special area.

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Jan 032013

Confusion of kilowatt hours and kilowatts

The terms powerelectric-meter-close-up and energy are frequently confused. Power is the rate at which energy is generated or consumed. Power therefore has the unit watts, which is joules per second. A unit of energy is kilowatt hour.

For a simple example, consider a solar photovoltaic panel. The power that it puts out at any moment would be measured in watts. The energy that it generates over a period of time, say one sunny day, would be measured in kilowatt hours. The power output (watts) will rise and fall throughout the day due to clouds, shading, etc. The energy generated (watt hours) will increase at varying rates while the sun is shining.

For example, when a light bulb with a power rating of 100W is turned on for one hour, the energy used is 100 watt hours (W·h), 0.1 kilowatt hour, or 360 kJ. This same amount of energy would light a 40-watt bulb for 2.5 hours, or a 50-watt bulb for 2 hours. A power station would be rated in multiples of watts, but its annual energy sales would be in multiples of watt hours. A kilowatt hour is the amount of energy equivalent to a steady power of 1 kilowatt running for 1 hour, or 3.6 MJ.

Power units measure the rate of energy per unit time. Many compound units for rates explicitly mention units of time, for example, miles per hour, kilometers per hour, dollars per hour. Kilowatt hours are a product of power and time, not a rate of change of power with time. Terms such as watts per hour are often misused.[11] Watts per hour (W/h) is a unit of a change of power per hour. It might be used to characterize the ramp-up behavior of power plants. For example, a power plant that reaches a power output of 1 MW from 0 MW in 15 minutes has a ramp-up rate of 4 MW/h. Hydroelectric power plants have a very high ramp-up rate, which makes them particularly useful in peak load and emergency situations.

Major energy production or consumption is often expressed as terawatt hours(TWh) for a given period that is often a calendar year or financial year. One terawatt hour is equal to a sustained power of approximately 114 megawatts for a period of one year.

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Dec 202012


A bit of Art in your back yard…

Monday 17.12.2012 Aerocopter 450 arrived to Swinford Co. Mayo Ireland.

There was huge crowd gather up round new thing called Aerocopter 450, it is Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, what is that mean…

Turbine spins in vertical way instead of horizontal  (old fashion turbines)

Advantage: No noise! low operating speed (max 120 RPM), Safe for birds, and humans of course. Because of maximum safety standards this turbine is safe to fit right outside your home, garage, shed, etc.

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RENEXPO® Poland 2012

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Oct 242012

17 – 18 October 2012. took place in Warsaw International Renewable Energy Fair and energy efficiency RENEXPO ® 2012.
Wind Artbau company announced at the fair its flagship wind turbine 450th Aerocopter ®
Our stand attracted a lot of interest from both visitors and other exhibitors, which resulted in establishing new business contacts.

Organizer REECO Poland Sp. of o.o. is part of a group of seats RECCO? homepage? in Germany and offices in Reutlingen / Germany, Salzburg / / Austria, Budapest , games and Arad / Romania.

Since 1997, every year the trade fair and congress, organized by the RECCO, meets above. 50,000 professiona

ls in 70 countries.

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